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Bandit 600 and 1200
         NEW !        
Click here for service items such as pads, filters, shocks and pre-owned parts

We offer 3 screens for the Bandit: Standard size Flip up with a 1" or 4" flip from just 45.50 postage 7
Or why not go for a Double Bubble screen for increased protection and a more sporty look. Well worth 63.50 to look cool and stay outa the wind. postage 7
We try to keep the popular ones in stock The others will be to special order - usually a 10 day turnaround.
We can offer you any colour from the list below.

Light protectors
Protect your expensive headlight lens with our easily removable inexpensive covers. Easily fitted in seconds with the stick on plastic velcro pads supplied.
But remember....only CLEAR is road legal for the U.K.
We can offer you any colour apart from RED or BLUE.
18.16 for clear or smoked, add 7.00 for different colours postage 3
Nose cones and belly Pans
The bandit nose fairing is available for both the 600 and 1200, and starts at just 98.00 for the unpainted version  ( postage 10 )
The fittings include 2 brackets that mount to the headlight shell, and 2 brackets that bolt to the top yoke.
----- 96/99                                   2000 ------
There is a belly pan available for all models and years.
There is a small simple fitting kit for each bike. We can supply both the nose fairing and belly pan in all the suzuki colours.. Please click here to email us for details.

Prices start from as little as 79.00 postage 9

bug spoiler For the unfaired Bandit

we can supply our Bug Spoiler and Raptor screens.
The Bug Spoiler is 11" high from the top of the head light and is grey in colour. A well priced option at 44.90 postage 5

The Raptor screen comes in grey, black or carbon. prices start at 64.90 for the grey, rising to 47.00 for the black, and finally the carbon one comes in at 81.50 postage 5

Two small brackets bolt behind the mounting bolt of the head light to provide a quick and easy fitting.


For the 96 to 99 600 and 1200 bikes.
  two options available..
Clear using red lamps ( supplied )
at 55.00 ( postage inc. )
or with LED lamps so the whole deal is pure white until the lights are turned on.
These are 82.50 ( post included )

Picture shows the LED option

Picture shows the LED option
  For the 96 to 99 600 and 1200 bikes.
  two options available..
  Clear using red lamps ( supplied ) at 38.00 ( postage inc. )
or with LED lamps so the whole deal is pure white until the lights are turned on.
These are 59.50 ( post included )

To compliment the clear tail lights why not have matching turn signal lenses ? They are cheap and will finish the job just right !
At just 14.99 for either type inc postage, why not indulge yourself !

Pyramid Bandit huggers are made out of a gloss black fibre glass or carbon fibre.

Very simple fitting provides full protection to the rear shocker/linkages above and below the swinging arm.

We provide all fittings for the hugger and no drilling is necessary on the bike. Also avalaible in various colours.
Prices start from 78.00 for a plain black unit, to 123.00 for a carbon fibre jobby. postage 9
If you do not fancy fitting a hugger, but you are fed up with the none too pretty standard chain guard, how about this !
in brushed ally with name cut out, this is a great way to brighten up that dull looking back end.
44.00 ( postage rate 6 )

UNDERTRAY. No-compromise track style. Colour matched or gloss black for most japanese superbikes. Not compatible with non standard huggers. Requires cutting away of black plastic round the tail light to fit.
With prices starting at 88.50, this is a good way to really change the whole look of the bike radically ! postage 10
All these products are custom moulded to the bike.
The advantages over real carbon fibre include :
Smooth reverse (reducing the risk of damage to paint)
Sits flat against tank and top yoke surface (no distortion,'snag' or lift) and a consistent high gloss finish.
Filler cap protector 7.00, yoke protector 7.50. Both postage 1

Our carbon look range includes Tank Shields. For the bandit there is a large selection from just 15, in both carbon and plastic postage 3 All extendas fit by drilling four holes in the guard and using the screws provided. They fit neatly onto the mudguard to provide extra protection for the radiator and engine from road grit. ( S only )
Black Plastic 17.50 postage 3
Carbon fibre look 21.50 postage 3

We also carry many other goodies for the 600 and 1200 Bandit, including wavy disks for as little as 75.00 per disk

crash bungs for just 39.20
Very sexy pegs at just 32.00 a pair
Those studs you see are titanium !
Goop foot grip but very very light too.

And bar ends weights ( coloured alluminium 16.00, stainless 19.00 )

We STRONGLY recomend you take out the extra insurance available if your order is of a value greater than 28 GBP. Remember, if an item is lost in transit it is for you the buyer to claim.We unfortunately cannot.
Click here to ask about carraige insurance

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