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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged there is little anyone can do
Click here to buy shipping insurance

We can now also offer a selection of pre-owned parts for the Blackbird, including mechanical and plastic components.
All parts supplied are covered by our usual guarentee.
Stock is constantly changing and too huge to list on here
Click here to mail me asking about the part you are looking for

Please note.Prices quoted are for the Blackbird, other bikes will almost certainly be different !
Click here to mail me asking about the price of kit for YOUR bike
Click on the item to go to it
Air filtersBattery chargersBrake caliper kitBrake de-linking kitsBrake disksBrake padscam chain tensionerChain and sprockets
Cushdrive rubbersFairing clipsFork Spring upgradeFork stanchionsOil filtersOil filter wrenchOilsOil Cooler Lines
Petrol pipe clampsPuncture repair kitRear shocksReg recsSpark plugsSpacerSuspension upgradesTyre pressure gauge
Valve caps

The Filtrex Hi-Flow range of filters are the 'standard' in many motorcycle workshops today.
We have discovered that they are sometimes not sold to the public, who are only offered other, less efficient filters at a higher price.Always in stock and at 6.20 plus postage
(postage rate 5) these filters make good sense.


Buy 6 for the price of 5
(Post 9.60 on 6 pack order)
     Another trade secret blown
wide open !
The Filtrex oil filters are once again often found in professional environments..
We bring you them at trade price !
Just 5.50 each (postage rate 4)


Buy 6 for the price of 5
(Post 9.60 on 6 pack order)
And do not forget your sump plug washer !

Just 2.00 including postage for two washers( Postage rate 1 outside UK ))
( Proper ally washers as per OEM )

We are also stockists of the Hi-FLow sports air filter.
Whilst giving up to 12% extra air volume capability, they retain the full filtering aspects of the stock filter..Oh, and as a bonus, are only 23.50 for the Blackbird ( for instance ) compaired to the usual retail of approximately 29.50 plus postage !!!!!
(postage rate 5)

What Keeps Your Engine Sounding Sweet

From Motul Oils
A selection to keep things running smoothly

Motul 5000 10W40 4LTR+1LTR Free     28.00     (postage rate 6)
Motul C2 Chain Lube Road 8.48 (postage rate 4)
Motul DOT 3 - 4 Brake Fluid 6.99 (postage rate 4)
Motul Fork Oil Medium 10W 10.99 (postage rate 4)
Motul M1 Helmet & Visor Cleaner 4.99 (postage rate 4)

Petrol Feed Clamp

Heavy duty petrol pipe clamp
Make it easy to change the air filter on your injected Bird.
Quick and easy to use, clamps securely around fuel pipe cutting off fuel flow for engine work.
10.40 (postage rate 4)

Precision Petrol Pipe Clamp

These are VERY tough and can be used with ease
in the smallest space
In fact we have now started using them in house
( Colour may vary from picture )
6.00 (postage rate 3)

     Regulator Rectifier Slabs

First there was the finned type. Then the flat type with better internals
but now we have the next generation aftermarket Reg Rec units, with MosFet internals.. !

Available for all bikes but the following prices and buy now buttons are for the
Blackbird carb ( 79.99 + postage rate 4
) and EFI models ( 92.99  + postage rate 4 )

Please note: All electric and electronic items are covered by a three month 'back to base' warranty.
The only exception is batteries. They have a one year back to base warranty.

Another 'New to jaws' Product

We are proud to announce that we now stock Izumi chain kits for the Blackbird.
Izumi motorcycle chains have excellent durability against severe conditions
Izumi sell these motorcycle chains all over the world and have an excellent reputation with both end user customers and many motorcycle manufacturers
Izumi offer well documented quality at a price pitched for sales rather than profits.

They are exactly 100 for the full sprocket and chain kit (postage rate 10)

For any other bike please click here and tell us what bike you have

Now available is the DID OEM replacement kit

At only 130.90 per kit for the Honda Blackbird this is a good viable option.

There is no need to go on about the qulity of a DID chain as they are known around the globe !

The chain is supplied with the excellent TechCorp sprockets which more than compliment the quality of the DID chain which is OEM spec. (postage rate 10)

Cush Drive RubbersWhile you have the wheel off it might be worth checking those cush drive rubbers.The biggest single cause of chains failing before their time is worn or broken cush rubbers.

At 36.99 a full set is it really worth taking the chance on the old ones ?

(postage rate 4)
And to split your old chain

This complete kit not only gives you the ability to split your old chain, but to peen over the new soft link too.

No more hacking around, now you can do the job in a professional way with the RIGHT tool for the job
(postage rate 8)

Look !
No longer do you have to pay a main dealeryour first born for a little plastic clip !

Now you can buy a bag of 10 fairing clipsfor just 5.75
(postage rate 1)


HELPerformance have really come up trumps again !

One of the issues now appearing on some of the older XX's is the lines to the oil cooler failing
Up until now the only fix was to replace the lines with the same old things from Honda. Not good as they will eventually fail too !
HEL being HEL decided to sort out the problem, and came up withthese amazing high quality replacements.
In stainless steel they are capable of handling immense pressure and will almost certainly outlive the bike !
And best of all the price ! For a limited time only we are supplying the kits at 129.99 including postage to the UK ( world wide cost is a little dearer at $192.48 due to extra postal costs )

For real stopping power we recomend the
EBC HH Sintered pads. 23.50 a pair !
( normal retail 24.50 per pair )
(postage rate 5 per pair)

Single set of pads
3x sets of pads
Save Money !
From MaX Seals

Caliper repair kit to do both front calipers in one handy kit !
Cost is 54.50 plus post
(postage rate 3 )

From MaX Seals

Caliper repair kit specifically for the rear caliper
Cost is 32.50 plus post
(postage rate 3 )

And For Both the Carb and all EFI Models
the amazing ARMSTRONGcompetition
Wavy Disks
These disks are fantastic value.. We have carried them and sold them for some time now and the feedback has meant we have decided to keep them on board..

A pair of fronts Armstrong are just 280.00 plus post ( postage rate 10 in the UK, mail us for out side the UK ), or 78.00 for the rears (postage rate 9

Deal price for full set is 355.00 including postage
( offer price is within the UK only .. sorry. Full set outside UK is 384.00

front disks only
rear disk only
full set of disks

front disks only
rear disk only
full set of disks

        Now available ! I great easy to fit brake line delinking kit at just 107.95
The kit comes with all stainless steel fittings and fits any model


( postage rate 6 )
Now supplied with all new bracket
Now completely eliminate the secondary master cylinder ( And still at the old price too !)

If you have one of our old kits and wish to upgrade to the new bracket please mail us.We are running a time limited offer of an upgrade for just 6.90 !

Bleed Assistant 06

Brake bleeding assistor kit utilises an easy to use reservoir bottle making brake bleedinga one man operation and as easy as possible.
The pot is even fitted with a magnet so you do not have to do the normal thingof finding something to balance it on !

Simply pop the kit together, undo the nipple and pump away until all the air is expelled
8.95 (postage rate 4)

Make your bike handle like new again !


Technical data

Monoshock emulsion MZ506-325TRL-02 YSS

MZ - Monoshock YSS emulsion

Mononoshock, thread preload, length and rebound adj., 50mm piston, 12mm rod, length 325mm
Priced very competitively at 259.00 with carriage rate 10 for UK and world postage.

We also carry replacement fork stanchions at a fraction ofthe cost other places have them for !

Just 113.00 per leg plus 4.92 deliveryin the UK

! PLUS !
Cure that front end sag on your Bird (and other bikes)and at the same time upgrade the whole front end, all for less than 100 !
A kit comprising of a new pair of springs that are 100mm over length, and a new pair of spacers that are 100mm under length is now available at 97.50 ( This mod can be done in about 20 minutes by the average person )
postage rate 8 )
Fork Seals

Japanese Industry Standard Original Equipment Fork Oil Seals
7.00 inc postage in the UK, $15.00 inc postage world wide

Wanna sharpen up the steering ?
With the simple addition of a spacer on the top of the rear damper, you will find your bike turns in quicker and tracks in a more precise manner.Ride height spacers are supplied in 6mm sections ( we recomend only ONE ! ).They are made from alluminium and slotted for easy fitting.Spacers cost 6.00 Postage Rate 1

For Blackbirds up to 2001 ( Iridium tipped, pre digi dash ) 38.00 per set.

For Blackbirds 200
1> to date (New iridium tipped IMR series) 68.00
(postage rate 4 for set of four)

Yes, we carry the new updated Cam Chain Tensioner for the Blackbird.
The CCT has been one of the very few items to cause problems on the Blackbird.
Whilst it is easy to change ( about 20 minutes at most ), it is never the less both a nuisance and an expense.
Honda seem to have addressed the matter by bringing out a modified CCT unit that has a different spring and a different pressure foot.
Modified CCT is 57.00
(postage rate 4)

Correct tyre pressure are essential for safe and successful motocycle riding. Maintaining correct tyre pressure also ensure optimum fuel usage and tyre life.The MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor allows any user to easily maintain tyre pressure.

Digital LCD Display
Selectable pressure ratings (PSI/BAR/kPa/kg-CM)
Rotating nozzle
Pressure release button
Battery life display
CE Approved

19.99 ( postage rate 4)

If you are worried about getting caught out with a puncture why not get one of these kits ..
These kits allow the rider to make a roadside repair. The kits are compact enough to fit beneath the seat, including all repair materials, air canisters and instructions needed.Suitable for tread area punctures of up to 4mm diameter. They are 28.00 ( postage rate 4 )

Now in stock ! Corrosion Block grease to compliment the ACF-50. better for most applications that copper slip, this grease does not attack alluminium as some other so called protective greases do. Click on the image below for more info and the buy now buttons !

Oil filter wrenches
Now you can remove the oil filter
WITHOUT removing the fairing side panels.
It is tricky but you can do it !
This fully adjustable oil filter wrench has a thick, heavy duty
composite leather strap that you just hook over the filter.
Once in place, removal of the filter is as easy
as undoing any nut on the bike !

This essential tool is just 8.95 ( Postage rate 3 )

And new to the line up, these drop forged oil filter pliers.

Made to fit all motorcycle filter where
accessible, they open to a maximum size of 130mm!9.45 (
Postage rate 5 )

Check this out.. Universal heavy duty adjustable oil filter wrench
suitable for filters ranging from 65-102mm.

Used with a standard 1/2" drive ratchet or socket set handle
9.45 (
Postage rate 5 )

Most of us are concerned our tyres are the correct pressure, yet checking them can be a chore and is often put off.
Well now you can check your tyre pressures at a glass with these new 'Easy Control' valve caps.

Not a gimmick, but a worth while addition to any bike.
Simply look at the cap. check the colour, if its in the green then your ok !
At just 6.50 per pair they have gotta be worth while ! ( Postage rate 1 )

Don't let you battery die while the bike is stood up.
Keep it in tip top condition no
matter how long it is left with an
BikeTek Pro-3
battery charger/conditioner.

This is really the next generation on from the other, now dated options on the market.
At just 29.99 plus postage they really are something special
( Postage rate 8 )

Handy Charger

This handy little slow charger will either bring your battery up over night or can be left to slow charge at 300ma ( taking care easily of the battery drain an alarm gives )

Best of all the price.. At just 12.00 it will not exactly break the bank( Postage rate 5 )