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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged there is little anyone can do
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Current Top Goodies

The Present 'Most Popular Items' Are

From Sena, the world leader in motorcycle communications

The new Sena range will allow you to communicate with other riders, your pillion or a whole range of devices !

Click here for the whole range of Sena products

The OEM Range of 'extreme quality' goods
Click on the pegs or bar ends to see more of the range !
These fantastic high quality pegs
have 10% off at just 32.00 a pair .
( postage rate 4).
(Available for a large range of machines too ! )

Extremely high quality anodized or
stainless steel bar ends.
Get the colour to match YOUR bike.
From just 16.00 a pair
for the coloured type!
19.20 for stainless steel

( postage rate from 3 to 4)
At last !
A GOOD quality LED type replacement
for the stop and tail lamps at a sensible price
10.00 each or 16.50 per pair
( postage rate 1)

Nervous Pillion ?

Pillion Grippers

Creates firm holding points for pillion riders.
Worn by the rider, this fully adjustable
webbing belt has handle grips on each side for the pillion to grab on to.
Pillion peace of mind at 10.90 ( postage 4 )

Now available !
Universal Cruse Control.
Fits all twin throttle cable bikes with 7/8th bars

31.70 ( postage rate 1)


Wemake our own and sell them
for a huge range of bikes from just

19 including postage within the UK,
$43.17 US including postage worldwide

Click here for the application list
Or click below to buy Blackbird shrooms now !


Sample price :
Honda ST1100,VT1000, VFR800, Super Blackbird ) HH sintered pads
at just 20.86 a pair ! ( normal retail 23.50 per pair )

( postage rate 5)
We can supply anything from the huge range of Pyramid Plastics goodies !
From screens, to Fenda Extenda's, from tank protectors to huggers !
Click on the picture to see some of whats on offer !!

( postage rate various)
Also on our shelves we keep
the famous ScottOiler too.
Standard Vsystem delivery kit:
just 92.20

For further info,
click here for the full range

( postage rate 7 )
Frame plugs
and of course we make in house frame plugs
for various bikes including the Blackbird, ZX11 and ZX12.
from just 24.00 per set of four
We can also make on offs to your measurements!

( postage rate 1)
A method of tidying up those
horrible holes left when you
fit aftermarket indicators.

Available for most popular
makes and models.
( postage rate 1)

Correct tyre pressure are essential for safe and successful motocycle riding. Maintaining correct tyre pressure also ensure optimum fuel usage and tyre life.The MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor allows any user to easily maintain tyre pressure.

Digital LCD Display
Selectable pressure ratings (PSI/BAR/kPa/kg-CM)
Rotating nozzle
Pressure release button
Battery life display
CE Approved

15.95 ( postage rate 3)

Now Available
The BIG carbon Fibre tank protector.
Available for a huge range of bikes.

24.00 (Postage rate 2)
If you are worried about getting caught out with a puncture why not get one of these kits ..
These kits allow the rider to make a roadside repair. The kits are compact enough to fit beneath the seat, including all repair materials, air canisters and instructions needed.Suitable for tread area punctures of up to 4mm diameter. They are 23.20 ( postage rate 4 )

The very latest in the anti-corrosion war.
This is a chemical that bonds form a
barrier that will STOP DEAD corrosion
Click on the picture for more information

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