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ACF-50Auxiliary fuel tankBattery chargersBike liftBrake bleedersCarb balancing gaugesChain tool
Emergancy charge packFire extinguisherFirst Aid kitFork air gap toolGlovesImpact driverInjector balancing gauges
knee padsLED inspection lampMF clothesMulti meterOil drain panOil filter wrenchesOveralls
Padock standsPetrol line clampsPolishing kitpuncture repair kitRatchet spanner kitShock preload C spannerT bar alan keys
Tyre pressure gaugeVacuum gaugesVerniers


This portable power pack could be a lifesaver if you really need a jump start or have to charge your phone
Jump starts any 12 volt vehicle motorcycles or car
The kit includes 2 adapters to charge up the Power Bank from your vehicle or at home using a cigarette lighter outlet.
It can also charge most mobile phones, portable music devices or tablets
( included are 4 most common iPhone and Android charging adapters.)

The LED Flashlight has normal mode and 2 emergency modes SOS and strobe light to signal others.
Compact 5.25 x 3.1 x .5 inch Power Bank (Battery can recharge up to 1000 times )

Home & car charging adapters (input power)

5 V USB & 12V jumper cable outlets (output)

4 - into 1 Mobile device adapter cable (including I-phone -mini USB, micro USB)

12 Volt Battery Jumper Cable/ & Clamps

Built-in LED Flashlight

Jaws Motorcycles have secured these for just 59.99 including delivery to mainland all UK.
Outside of mainland UK, Worldwide carriage chargeable at postage Rate 8


UNIVERSAL SHOCK WRENCH (69-76mm & 89-96mm) Type A
6.20 ( Postage rate 5 )

C Spanner
UNIVERSAL SHOCK WRENCH (38-45mm & 45-52mm) Type B
6.20 ( Postage rate 3 )

C Spanner

Excellent quality and very handy
Covers from 8 to 21mm
12.20 ( Postage rate 6 )

These T bar alan wrench spinners are normally 17.00 plus postage

I have 10 8 ONLY sets at just 11.00
( Postage rate 7 )

Oil filter wrenches
Now you can remove the oil filter
WITHOUT removing the fairing side panels.
It is tricky but you can do it !
This fully adjustable oil filter wrench has a thick, heavy duty
composite strap that you just hook over the filter.
Once in place, removal of the filter is as easy
as undoing any nut on the bike !

This essential tool is just 6.95 ( Postage rate 3 )

And new to the line up, these drop forged oil filter pliers.

Made to fit all motorcycle filter where
accessible, they open to a maximum size of 130mm!7.45 (
Postage rate 6 )

Check this out.. Universal heavy duty adjustable oil filter wrench
suitable for filters ranging from 65-102mm.

Used with a standard 1/2" drive ratchet or socket set handle
8.45 (
Postage rate 6 )

Four Bit Impact driver

This impact driver is supplied with two cross head and two plain screwdriver bits.
The drive its self has a 1/2" drive which means it can be used in conjunction with a socket set for those hard to shift nuts and bolts as well as screws.
12.20 ( Postage rate 6 )

Lifts and Stands

26.55 ( postage rate 9 ) (not available outside UK )

22.90 ( postage rate 10 ) (not available outside UK )

Designed to enable efficient and safe access of motorcycles, allowing repairs and servicing, adding accessories and extensivecleaning.
Suitable for both workshops and home garages.
The table smoothly and safely lifts the motorcycle to an optimum height and position, maximising workshop and garagespace.
Suitable for all types of motorcycles and scooters, front wheel locks into clamp,bike held stable by centre stand or paddock stand (not supplied).

Table size 2100 X 620mm
Side and forward locking wheel clamp
Foot operated hydraulic ram lifts 400kgs from height of 200mm up to 800mm
Wheel mounted for ease of maneuvering, with adjustable locking feet
Locking side safety bars
Removable plate for rear wheel access
Integrated tie-down hook attachment points
Automatic height-positioning ramp
Non-slip metal tread plate
Max load 400kgs

305.00 ( 45.00 delivery to mainland UK ) (not available outside UK and not available for collection )

Set up and test kit

Digital Verniers
Stainless steel vernier calipers with large LCD digital readout
Can be used to measure in both metric and imperial, 0 - 150mm ( 0 - 5.9 inches ).
Vernier also has an instant zero button so you can set a baseline higher than the normal zero point.
Supplied in sturdy carrying case with full instructions and a spare battery
( battery life is ..errr.. ages !! I am still using the original one after 3 years. )
17.95 ( postage rate 3 )

Fork Oil level adjuster

Features easily adjustable height, graduations on the probe, and even the syringe has agraticule on it.
This bit of kit ( or something very similar ) is used by professional workshops all over the world, and it makes adjusting the air gaps in fork legs a two minute, one man job
19.95 ( Postage rate 5 )

VACUUM GAUGES (4 Cylinder)

These gauges will allow you to set up 4 carbs ( or injector bodies ) quickly and easily.
They are supplied with all hoses, t piece dampers ( to stop the gauges flapping about, making them easy to read ) and the connectors to connect them to the inlet manifolds
57.95 ( Postage rate 8 )

Digital Multimeter with clamp

This digital multimeter will cover all the normal tests you can think of when fault finding
on your bike, car or even your home.
The meter will measure AC voltage and amperes over the range 1volt to 1000volts and 0.1 amps to 1000amps
It measures DC voltages from 1 volt to 1000 volt.
It also covers a big range of resistances and has an audible continuity test setting for those times when you cannot easily see the gauge.
The meters are supplied with battery, probes, a lanyard, and an excellent carrying case
And the best bit..... They are presently just 9.95 ! ( Postage rate 3 )

cleanliness and cleaning


This kit includes all that is needed to polish stainless steel andaluminum to a fantastichigh shine finish, using a hand-drill or polisher. 3 grades of polishing compoundsand mops take the surface through each stage from scratch removal to finishing.

Kits includes:
Hand-drill adaptor
1 x stitched 5" hard mop
1 x stitched 5" medium mop
1 x 5" soft polishing mop
3 x extra large polishing compounds

18.32 ( Postage rate 9 )

The amazing BUFFY BALL !
Just 9.00 inc UK postage ( $22.00 inc world wide shipping )
The polishing ball is of soft textile construction.
It will fit to any hand drill and allows easy access to deep reach cleaning

Latex mechanics gloves

Latex gloves have come a long way in recent years.
With the advent of more and more nasty chemicals in oils, petrol, polishes etc. they have had to !

These gloves are tough but give good feel allowing them to be used even when doing a fiddly job.
They are supplied in boxes of 100 and at just 6.00 are well worth the eliminationof risk when working on your bike or car ( actually pretty useful if you draw the short straw and have to clean the toilet too ! )( Postage rate 5 )

MicroFibre Cloths

These may seem like nothing more that an expensive cleaning rag, but please,take the link and read why they are special.
( Please be warned ! I have seen so called 'MicroFibre' cloths in supermarkets.They are NOT the same thing, but a cheap imitation and their performance is VERY poor )
Click here for the full information on the MF clothes.
You will understand why they are expensive and why they are not the same as the cheapo ones often found in supermarkets

Special application tools

Fork Oil level adjuster

Yes, I know this is up a bit but it sort of fits bothcategories !

Features easily adjustable height, graduations on the probe, and even the syringe has agraticule on it.
This bit of kit ( or something very similar ) is used by professional workshops all over the world, and it makes adjusting the air gaps in fork legs a two minute, one man job
19.95 ( Postage rate 5 )

Petrol Feed Clamp

Heavy duty petrol pipe clamp
Make it easy to change the air filter on your injected Bird.
Quick and easy to use, clamps securely around fuel pipe cutting off fuel flow for engine work.
8.60 (postage rate 4)

Precision Petrol Pipe Clamp

These are VERY tough and can be used with ease
in the smallest space
In fact we have now started using them in house
( Colour may vary from picture )
5.30 (postage rate 1)

Auxiliary fuel tank

Perfect for all those times you have to run the bike without the fuel tank
Great for use when synchronizing the carbs. Kit include fuel line and an inline petcock
The tank has a graticule on the side should fuel measurement be needed, and is supplied with a neat hanging hook.29.90

(postage rate 5)
                                                        Now also avaliable

a duel feed adaptor for all those bikes that have a split feed to the carbs
2.99 ( postage rate 1 )

And to split your old chain

This complete kit not only gives you the ability to fit a chain like the professionals

No more hacking around, now you can do the job in a professional way with the RIGHT tool for the job
(postage rate 6)

Brake Bleeding Kits

Comprehensive, profesional workshop vacuum pump kit.
Includes reservoir and nipple adaptor for brake bleeding.The hand operated pump pulls the fluid through the bleed nipple,eliminating need to use the brake lever or pedal. Manual pump with pressure gauge allows testing of many vacuum operated systems, eg fuel pumps, carbs, etc.
This kit will reduce fitting time of steel brake lines massively !

45.80 (Postage rate 8 )
          Brake bleeding assistor kit utilisesan easy to use reservoir bottle making brake bleedinga one man operation and as easy as possible.
The pot is even fitted with a magnet so you do not have to do the normal thingof finding something to balance it on !

Simply pop the kit together, undo the nipple and pump away until all the air is expelled
7.95 (postage rate 2)
Bleed Assistant 06

Workshop Essentials

Correct tyre pressures are essential for safe and successfulmotorcycle riding. Maintaining correct tyre pressures also ensure optimum fuel usage and tyre life.The MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor allows any user to easily maintain tyre pressure.

Digital LCD Display
Selectable pressure ratings (PSI/BAR/kPa/kg-CM)
Rotating nozzle
Pressure release button
Battery life display
CE Approved

17.19 ( postage rate 5)

If you are worried about getting caught out with a puncture why not get one of these kits ..
These kits allow the rider to make a roadside repair. The kits are compact enough to fit beneath the seat, including all repair materials, air canisters and instructions needed.Suitable for tread area punctures of up to 4mm diameter. They are 23.20 ( postage rate 3 )

Oil pan

This oil pan is big enough to easily hold the contents of your sump ( up to 1.5 imp gallons in fact )
It has a handy flute to allow ease of pouring, and decent handles to grip the thing by when emptyingon to allow it to drain.
7.90 ( Postage rate 5 ) ( only available to UK customers )

Don't let you battery die while the bike is stood up.
Keep it in tip top condition no
matter how long it is left with an
BikeTek Pro-3
battery charger/conditioner.

This is really the next generation on from the other, now dated options on the market.
At just 24.99 plus postage they really are something special
( Postage rate 7 )

Handy Charger

This handy little slow charger will either bring your battery up over night or can be left to slow charge at 300ma ( taking care easily of the battery drain an alarm gives )

Best of all the price.. At just 8.00 it will not exactly break the bank( Postage rate 5 )

Rechargeable LED worklight

These lights are great !

They have 27 VERY bright LED's fitted and believe me they DO light up what you wanna see !
They are fitted with rechargeable batteries so once charged are a cordless light source.
They are supplied with both a 240v mains charger and a lead so you can just plug it into the cigar lighter in your car.
They have a useful hook on the end and are made from a very tough, resilient plastic.
15.30 ( Postage rate 5 )

ACF-50 Kills Corrosion On Contact

This stuff works. It eats rust and corrosion and stops more forming.Made by LEAR ( of Lear Jet fame ) for use on their aircraft, it is fantastic on bikeClick the link and read all about it and see why more than 60% of our sales are made to returning customers
Click here for the full information on both ACF-50 and Corrosion block grease

Knee pads

Mechanics knee protectors.
Durable plastic knee cups
Padded textile carcass
Double velcro securing straps

One size fits all
4.95 ( Postage rate 2 )

Mechanic Overalls

Durable poly-cotton working overalls
Generous cut
Velcro adjusting cuffs
Elasticated waist
Dual direction front zip
Chest, side and thigh pockets.
Available in medium, large and extra large ( be sure to select the size you want when ordering )

15.00 ( Postage rate 6 )

BikeTek Fire extinguisher
Handy 450g mini fire extinguisher, filled with 85%ABC powder
This is suitable for fuel and oil fires etc.
Includes steel mounting bracket making it ideal for around the home as well as the garage
Could even be carried on your bike !
12.42 including UK postage ( sorry, only available to UK )

First-Aid kit
Small but very comprehensive first aid kit. Unlike many of the cheapo kits available from certain places this is a well appointed, well thought out bag of worthwhile goodies.
It contains many essential emergency items, including;

Various bandages
Emergency blanket
Surgical tape
Tweezers and scissors
Sterile gloves
Safety pins
Cleaning wipes

All supplied in a zipped storage bag with velcro securing loop.
As a matter of interest, it is now a legal requirement to carry a kit if you are going to many EU countries.
8.60 ( postage rate 5 )

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