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VFR 750 / 800
         NEW !        
Click here for service items such as pads, filters and shocks

Pyramid offer 3 screens for the VFR800 :
Standard size (from 59 + postage 8)
Flip up at the same price as the standard screen
Double Bubble screen for increased protection
and a more sporty look.(from 64 postage 9)
We try to keep the popular ones in stock
The others will be to special order - usually a 10 day
turnaround. Please add 5.00 for other colours
Pyramid can offer you any colour from the list below

We also do the Powerbronze Air Flow, Flip Up, and Original profile screens. These are supplied with a black sealing strip for the outer edge, and are available in all the colours listed below. The Airflow screen is similar to the double bubble type, but has slightly higher contours.
The Airflow is just 47.00, while both the standard and Flip screens are 39.07 (Postage rate 9.
Please add 6.00 for coloured screens.

We also cover the F.Fabri range of products which includes their double bubble screen for the VFR. It is available in clear, tint or dark tint versions.
All versions 48.99 ( postage 7 )

Powerbronze Light protectors
Protect your expensive headlight lens with our easily removable and inexpensive covers. Fitted in seconds with the stick on plastic velcro pads supplied. But remember....only CLEAR is road legal for the U.K. We can offer you any colour from the above range..
Clear or smoked 17.30 ( postage 3 ) Please add 6.00 if you require other colours.

Pyramid Light protectors
As above really !
But remember....only CLEAR is road legal for the U.K. We can offer you any colour apart from RED or BLUE.
Available for ALL models. Clear or smoked 24 + postage 3

Pyramid's VFR800 Hugger is made in gloss black or carbon look finish plastic. Very simple fitting provides full protection to the rear shocker/linkages above and below the swinging arm. The hugger is fixed to the factory chain guard by a small bracket that sits on top of the brake pipe fittings. We provide all fittings for the hugger and no drilling is necessary on the bike. The rear wheel can still be removed without problem.
92.50 for plain black, 112.50 for silver, 138.50 for carbon fibre version ( when available ).

  (postage 10)

We also do the Power Bronze hugger.. Once again it comes with a complete fitting kit, and as before, requires no drilling. Available in plain black plastic ( 89.50 ) but these may take up to 4 weeks to deliver
PLEASE NOTE: The buy now buttons are only for the 800 VTEC bikes.. Please mail us for other models.
postage 10 )

Click below for plain black Pyramid hugger
Click below for carbon fibre look Pyramid hugger
Click below for silver Pyramid hugger

Pyramid undertray.

No-compromise track style. In red or gloss black .Only available for the Mk1

88.50 (postage 9)

Also now available is the Powerbronze version.(94/02)
This unit also requires some cutting of the original undertray.
Starting at just 84.32 for the plain black version,
it is also available in carbon fibre look at only 96.26
(postage 9)


Rear Duck Tail
The Duck Tail is fitted by drilling two holes in the rear guard and using the stainless screws provided. It fits neatly onto the rear mudguard to give extra protection and reduce that 'fly up' we all suffer from.
17.50 postage 3
       The front Fenda Extenda really is an essential accessory. They fit neatly onto the mudguard to provide extra protection for both the radiator and lower front cowl from road grit.
Black Plastic 17.50
(postage 3)
Carbon fibre look 21.50 (postage 3)
All these products are custom moulded to the bike.
The advantages over real carbon fibre include :
Smooth reverse (reducing the risk of damage to paint)
Sits flat against tank and top yoke surface
(no distortion,'snag' or lift) and a consistent high gloss finish.
Filler cap protector 7.20, yoke protector 7.20.. Both postage 1


The mini, or spine protectors
which come in many designs such as those below.

These are just 9.99 (Postage rate 2)
The 'Midi' protector at just 15.00

(Postage rate 2)
Or the 'Maxi', with the CBR XX
logo embossed on it,
at 24.00

(Postage rate 3)


Mini Diamond indicators.
(Post rate 2)

Flush mounted indicators 15.90
(Post rate 2)

Long and short stem,
plain or carbon look,
all sorts from just 7.50
(Post rate 2) 


  Most of us are concerned our tyres are the correct pressure, yet checking them can be a chore and is often put off.
Well now you can check your tyre pressures at a glass with these new 'Easy Control' valve caps.

Not a gimmick, but a worthwhile addition to any bike.
Simply look at the cap. check the colour, if its in the green then your ok !
At just 4.90 per pair they have gotta be worth while ! ( Postage rate 1 )
The very BEST replacement bar ends.
Anodised Alloy 16 ( postage rate 2 )
Stainless steel 19.20 (postage rate 4)
These fantastic high quality pegs
have 10% off at just 32.00 a pair .
( postage rate 4).


Winter is just in the northern hemisphere ( getting all technical now ! ) so many of you will be looking to keep your hands warm and toasty.

( Postage rate 4 )  
Why suffer the misery of cold hands when for under 40 you do not have to !

Now available !
Universal Cruse Control.
Now with a simple thumb press you can lock
the throttle to give your right wrist a rest !
Easily fitted ( approx 15 minutes )
and fully adjustable
Fits all twin throttle cable
bikes with 7/8th bars
23.52 (postage 1)

Stoppers !
Those wonderful sexy wavy disks !
WOW !!! How about a wavy disk for you bike for just 55 for a rear or 115.00 per front disk ?
Yes,, we now carry the new VIPER disk range.
As yet we do not have a full application list but we do know that almost all bikes are catered for. Solid or wavey the price is the same..
And for just 15.00 more per disk we can supply them with various coloured bobbins and centres.
Currently available are red, black, light green, gold, royal blue and silver
( postage rate 8 per disk)

For real stopping power we recomend the
EBC HH Sintered pads. 20.50 a pair !
( normal retail 23.50 per pair ) ( postage rate 5)

Also avalable is the EBC race series replacement disks
Carb or EFI model fronts 161.00 each
carb or EFI rear 91.80. Mail me !
These are NOT standard replacement disks, but designed
specifically for track use in the Japanese Bird series.

Including stainless, carbon, titanium and all in oval and round cans ( click here for full price list and range )

     New to Jaws, we can now supply the complete range of
'Carbon Can Company' exhausts.
Hi-level, multi coloured, carbon, titanium.. in oval or round.
Click here for the full range and price list.

All cans cost per pair 10.50 carriage within the UK, for carriage costs outside the UK, please Email us. ( postroom@jaws-Motorcycles.co.uk )

Need any more be said ?

ScottOiler are the market leaders in automated chain lubrication technology.

The standard kit is just 69.50 Click HERE for a special price !
If you are not in the UK, click here for special deal !!
( postage rate 9)
We also shortly be doing all the spares and accessories such as the new twin feed delivery tubes.
Oh, and Blackbird owners, if you would like a FULL and comprehensive installation breakdown, just click here !
Replacement Headlights

And the new direct replacement 100 watt clear lamp.
This lamp gives a VERY bright light !
Priced at a market busting 9.90 ( Postage rate 1 )

New to Jaws
We are now agents for Melboy seats !

These replacement seats are of the highest quality and offer far better value
for money than any other leading seat manufacturer in the world
After reading dozens of feedback postings on various forums, we decided we
HAD to take this product on board
For full details of the entire range, including the all new GeLastic seat pads click here

Colour Matching
Due to massive problems getting a perfect match, this is only available for the black PB184 colour now.
Other colours can be supplied but will be supplied as per the manufacturers prices