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         NEW !        
Click here for service items such as pads, filters, shocks and pre-owned parts
Pyramid offer 3 screens for the XJR1300 :
Standard size (from 59 + postage 4)
Flip up with a 1" or 4" flip at the same price as the standard screen
NEW Double Bubble screen for increased protection
and a more sporty look.(from 64 postage 7)
We try to keep the popular ones in stock
The others will be to special order - usually a 10 day
turnaround. Please add 12.00 for other colours
Pyramid can offer you any colour from the list below

We also do the Powerbronze Air Flow, Flip Up, and Original profile screens. These are supplied with a black sealing strip for the outer edge, and are available in all the colours listed below. The Airflow screen is similar to the double bubble type, but has slightly higher contours.
The Airflow is just 47.00, while both the standard and Flip screens are 39.07 (Postage rate 7.
Please add 6.00 for coloured screens.

We also cover the F.Fabri range of products which includes their double bubble screen for the XJR1300. It is available in clear, tint or dark tint versions.
All versions 58.99 ( postage 7 )

Powerbronze Light protectors
Protect your expensive headlight lens with our easily removable and inexpensive covers. Fitted in seconds with the stick on plastic velcro pads supplied. But remember....only CLEAR is road legal for the U.K. We can offer you any colour from the above range..
Clear or smoked 22.30 ( postage 3 ) Please add 6.00 if you require other colours.

From Pyramid, a top quality Hugger
Now you can keep all the road crap off your bits for just 93.50 ( postage 10 )

And how how this for adding a bit
of wow factor to your bike !
These belly pans are so new we do not even have a price for them yet !
Just in ! They are available from 89.50
( postage 10 )

And to further compliment the overal look of your Yamaha, get that no compromise race track look by adding one of the great new undertrays.
From 84.50, these are supplied with all the bits needed and full colour instruction sheet.

( postage 10 )

The mini, or spine protectors
which come in many designs such as those below.

These are just 6.99 (Postage rate 3)
The 'Midi' protector at just 15.00

(Postage rate 3)
Or the 'Maxi', with the CBR
logo embossed on it,
at 24.00

(Postage rate 3)

Extenda Fenda

All extendas fit by drilling four holes in the guard and using the screws provided. They fit neatly onto the mudguard to provide extra protection for the radiator and engine from road grit.
Black Plastic 17.50 (postage 3)
Carbon fibre look 21.50 (postage 3)

Crash Shrooms
Some have copied our products ( in one case poorly ! ) but our crash 'Shrooms' are of our own long standing design and high quality.
And NO ONE comes close to our price !
( NOW... New for 2003. Shrooms now come in satin finish! )

21 including postage within the UK, $39.80 US including postage worldwide

Stoppers !

For real stopping power we recomend the
EBC HH Sintered pads. 21.50 ($33.39) a pair !
( normal retail 23.50 per pair ) ( postage rate 5)