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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost there is little anyone can do
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Now you can protect your investment by using the same that professionals use.

1/ All Metallic Motorcycles Corrode.

It is the nature of refined metals to return to their most stable form, that of a metallic oxide. The rate at which metals corrode depends upon their environmental conditions. Metals exposed to salt solution, moisture, and tropical temperatures have the highest rates of corrosion.

2/ ACF-50 Kills Corrosion On Contact.

ACF-50 is a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion/lubricating compound that has been specially designed for aviation and aerospace use. It is a clean, clear, non-toxic, ultra-thin fluid compound which leaves a non-greasy atmospheric barrier to protect metal surfaces. ACF-50 will kill corrosion cells on contact and completely remove the moisture from the metal surface. It actively penetrates into seams, lap joints and even beneath rivet heads, expelling moisture and saline solutions (salt water).
ACF-50, with a dielectric rating of almost 40KV, can be used to great effect on all your electrical connections too.
It will not only ensure a water proof seal, but stop the dread green coating often seen in plugs and sockets.
In addition, it can be used on all types of plastics, paints and seals without fear of damage. Of course the upside for us motorcyclists is that it works as well on our bikes as it does on aircraft !

3/ One Treatment Protects For 24 Months.

No matter how hot, cold, humid, or salt-laden your atmosphere is, ACF-50 will perform. It will remain effective for up to two years. Exactly how long an ACF-50 treatment will last depends upon how corrosive your motorcycle's environment is, how often you ride, and whether or not your motorcycle is garaged.

4/ ACF-50 Meets the army Requirements for Type ll and Type lll anti-corrosion chemicals.

What does this double rating mean? It means that ACF-50 is not restricted to metals only applications. It is approved for use on all metals plus electrical and computerized systems.

5/ Regular ACF-50 Treatments Will Save You Money.

One of the biggest costs motorcyclists face is expensive replacement fastners and aluminium parts. ACF_50 will STOP corrosion dead. And it will save you labour charges to. Next time you take your bike in for service, the mechanic will not have to waste valuable time trying to undo the various nuts and bolts that always get rusted up


Treating your motorcycle with ACF-50 will save you money. It is a fact that preventive maintenance is always cheaper than the repair or replacement of costly motorcycle components. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your motorcycle investment has received the best corrosion protection available on the market.



ACF-50 is available in three sizes.
13 oz spray can ( 13.90 ) 1 litre bottle ( 29.61) 4 litre bottle ( 99.19 )
Postage rate 4
Postage rate 7
Potage 9.90 (UK only )

Well it took a while, but now we have the Corrosion Block grease in stock too.

Corrosion Block has proven superior
performance and is an excellent choice for
heavy duty applications. It meets or exceeds all
requirements NLGI service applications
and GC-LB ( automotive wheel bearing and
chassis lubricants ).
Use Corrosion Block grease where ever a
rugged, long lasting lubricator is essential
Protects heavily loaded equipment
Extends bearing life by up to four times longer that conventional grease
Suitable for extended high temperature operations
Won't harden, breakdown, or wash out in wet applications
Environmentally responsible
Excellent for brake calliper sliders and pins, and unlike
traditional lubricants does not go sticky and ball up with time.

Available in 2oz tubes for 3.99 ( Postage rate 2

16 oz tub 10.55 ( Postage rate 4


WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged you will loose out as there is nothing we will be able to do to help
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