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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged you will loose out as there is nothing we will be able to do to help
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Buttflap Chain guard Ducktail Fairing bolt kits Fenda Extenda Filler cap protectors Frame plugs Grab rail inserts
Headlight protectors Huggers Indiglow dial faces Luggage Master cyl. covers Nose cones Pillion grips Pet Cap protectors
Screens Seat cowls Seats Shrooms Spacers Tank pads Undertrays Yoke protectors

Pyramid - Puig Screens ( Now sharing their screen design and manufacture )
Pyramid - Puig offer 2 screens for the CBR1100XX :

Standard (£58.95 postage 9)
NEW Double Bubble screen for increased protection
and a more sporty look. (£63.50 postage 9)


We now have in stock a range of MRA screens for the Bird

Most popular is the MRA Vario
We currently have these in stock in light tint for just £87.50
( This is a limited special offer as they are new to Jaws )
( Postage rate 9 )

        Also in stock is the MRA Sports Touring Screen

Unlike other flips, these screens have a gentle flip so the air flow is not completely ruined which results in buffeting.
The MRA flip offers good all round performance These are in stock in light tint at £79.45
( Again this is a limited special offer as they are new to Jaws ) ( Postage rate 9 )

We also have the Air Blade Double bubble and the Powerbronze Flip Up, plus original profile screens.
These are all supplied with a black sealing strip for the outer edge, and are available in all the colours listed below.
The Air Blade screen is a taller double bubble type, with more exagerated contours.
The Air Blade is just £47.00 ( Postage rate 9 )

The Flip screens are £47.07 ( tinted only available )

(Postage rate 9 ).
Please add £15.00 for coloured screens.

After years of really expensive IRIDIUM screens, finally there is a good quality well priced option

You are looking at the latest offering from MotoGP ( yes, Dorna approved ! ) IRIDIUM double bubble screen for the Blackbird
The bubble is the perfect height to get behind and the iridium tint is WAY WAY cool !

And now the best bit....
As a special 'End of the season concession we are authorized to sell them at a low low price of £62.90 !! (Postage rate 9 )

Click here for all the latest up to date MotoGP news and views !


And the NEW MRA dubble bubble is now in stock !

Shaped like the original at the base, but with an approximate additional 3-5cm bubble in the middle, MRA's Double-Bubble Racing screen is designed to reduce wind pressure on your helmet and upper body, while still integrating with your bike's original sporting style. Manufactured in Germany by the world's largest aftermarket motorcycle screen maker
using a virtually shatterproof aircraft canopy material with a Lifetime Warranty - an MRA is the highest quality screen you can buy...

- Length 400mm front-to-back (+10mm over standard screen)
- Made in Germany to TUV standard
- Second to none in style, fit and finish
- Smoked grey tint (other colours available to special order*)
- Aerodynamically efficient design for improved wind protection
now available in medium tint £53.99
( postage 8 )

Light protectors
Protect your expensive headlight lens with our easily removable and inexpensive covers. Fitted in seconds with the stick on plastic velcro pads supplied. We can offer you any colour from the above range..
Clear, light tint or dark smoked £21.80 ( postage 3 ) Please add £7.00 if you require other colours and email us for payment details

Please click here to mail us if you want a different colour to smoked or clear

!! Replacement Nose Cone !!

It took a long while to sort them out, but at last we have a good alternative to the OEM nose cone at a fraction of the cost.
Made in the same material as the OEM ones and a mold that was made using a brand new OEM shell. They come unpainted but have all the lugs and fittings so will bolt in place properly

( Please note.. the nose cone does not include anything else.. it is just the nose cone )

These nose cones are just £153.00 plus postage ( postage 10 )

Sorry, but due to shipping problems they are not easily sent out side the UK.. The shipping costs are very very high due to the size.
If you want details of shipping to anywhere out side the UK Click here to e-mail me

!! NOW !!
Fairing and screen bolt kits !

Check these out !

Available in all sorts of colours
( too many to list here ! )
and in a selection of options too.
Fairing only at £32.00 inc UK shipping

fairing and screen at £39.50
inc UK shipping

              Screen only at £9.00
inc UK shipping


Prices include UK shipping but Postage rate 3 outside UK
If the colour you want is not listed Click here to e-mail me

Pyramid's Super Blackbird Hugger is made in gloss black high quality lightweight glass fibre, or real carbon fibre Very simple fitting provides full protection to the rear shocker/linkages above and below the swinging arm, and has an integral chain guard The hugger is fixed using existing bolt holes, and is supplied with the correct bolts. No drilling is necessary on the bike. The rear wheel can still be removed without problem. Gloss black £81.50, or carbon Fibre at £153.00
Or the carbon fibre £153.00
( postage 9 )

We also do the Power Bronze hugger.. Once again it comes with a complete fitting kit and has an integral chain guard, and as before, requires no drilling. Available in plain black plastic ( £78.50 )
( postage 10 )

If you do not fancy fitting a hugger, but you are fed up with the none too pretty standard chain guard, how about this !
In black chrome with cut outs, this is a great way to smarten up that dull looking back end.
£44.00 ( postage rate 6 )

All these products are custom molded to the bike.
The advantages over real carbon fibre include :
Smooth reverse (reducing the risk of damage to paint)
Sits flat against tank and top yoke surface
(no distortion,'snag' or lift) and a consistent high gloss finish.
Filler cap protector £8.20, yoke protector £8.50.. Both postage 2

This something new to Jaws ! A yoke protector with the CBR motif
At only £9.99 this is a great option to the standard version ( postage 2)

      !! WARNING !!       

And now, to compliment the colour of your bike
Clutch and brake master cylinder caps

Available in many different colours including the standard
Blackbird paint schemes as well as satin and natural
£19.00 per side
( postage 2)

Laser Cut to Perfection
Just take a look at these way cool master cylinder covers in stainless steel
The design is precision laser cut into the steel to make every single one perfect
Available in two designs, one with the CBR logo and the other with the full Blackbird logo cut in
You can have one of each type on each side !
£16.50 each (postage rate 1)

Pyramid Undertray
No-compromise track style. Available in gloss black

Requires cutting away of
black plastic round the tail light to fit.
£113.50(postage 10)

Also now available is the Powerbronze version.
This unit also requires some cutting of the original undertray.
Starting at just £94.00 for the plain black version


it is also available in carbon fibre look at only £110.00
(postage 10 )

This Pyramid Plastics Blackbird seat cowl can be fitted in minutes. Just bolt in place with the brackets provided.
This unit comes in plain black for painting at £90.50, or can be colour coded to your bike for £151.00 ( Please mail us ) ( Some colours we cannot do, and for those the cowls have to be supplied in the required colour. )( postage 10 )

There is also an economy version seat cowl by Powerbronze to fit the Blackbird. Supplied in plain black at £76.00, or white or carbon look at £82.00 .

( postage 8 )

Use the BUY NOW buttons below to select the plain black option

Use the BUY NOW buttons below to select the white or carbon look options


Do you want to remove your grab rail ?
Well now you can and still leave the bike
looking neat and tidy !
Grab rail replacement inserts are now
available to fill in that messy looking recess.
These items come as 'for painting'
(postage 2)

Rear Duck Tail
The Duck Tail is fitted easily by drilling two holes in the rear guard and using the stainless screws provided. It fits neatly onto the rear mudguard to give extra protection and reduce that 'fly up' we all suffer from.
£18.50 postage 3

       The front Fenda Extenda really is an essential accessory. They fit neatly onto the mudguard to provide extra protection for both the radiator and lower front cowl from road grit and harmful debris.
Black Plastic £18.50 (postage 3)

New from Powebronze !
Polished black with CBR emblem look £24.50
( CBR emplem FOC as introductory offer
Usually £2.50 extra ! )(postage 4)

New for your Butt !!!

Something new that has only just become available.
Might have a funny name but it works amazingly well
The front mudguard extender has been with us many years,
now you can protect the back of your motorcycle with this original & uniquely designed


£19.95 inc UK post ( plus postage rate 3 for ww shipping )

  By day one colour, by night another! They're the latest bit of kit from the States! These are not like an Indiglow watch, the entire face illuminates electronically.
No need for dash lights and they even come with a dimmer switch too!
Supplied as an easy to fit complete kit - no need to remove your needles or touch the existing clock face underneath.
Our Price ... £59.55 ( We also do a fitting service which is £27.00 )
( postage rate 3)
Indiglow Clocks are now available for all models including digital dash models and KM/H clocks
Please send us a seperate mail by clicking here indicating you want KPH version

   EFI type       
  Carb type  
Digi dash type

      sexy or what !       


Tank Shields
There are three basic types of tank shield available.
The mini, or spine protectors
which come in many designs such as those below.

These are just £9.99 (Postage rate 2)
Genuine carbon fibre 'Midi' protector at just £21.50

(Postage rate 2)
Or the 'Maxi', with the CBR XX
logo embossed on it,
at £22.99

(Postage rate 3)


The luggage section has now expanded and has its own page ! Click here to see what is on offer

Nervous Pillion ?

Pillion Grippers

Creates firm holding points for pillion riders.
Worn by the rider, this fully adjustable
webbing belt has handle grips on each side for the pillion to grab on to.
Pillion peace of mind at £10.90 ( postage 3 )

Products only available from JAWS

Crash Shrooms

Back for sale because of so many request
The alluminium custom shrooms
Due to popular demand I have decided to once again stock these custom shrooms !
They are supplied with the same cushion spacer made from machine grade acetyl and stainless steel fixings as our conventional shrooms
so quality is continued through this line

£28.84 including postage within the UK, $61.99 US including postage worldwide

Some have copied our products ( in one case poorly ! ) but our crash 'Shrooms' are of our own long standing design and high quality.
Please note. Our Shrooms are NOT cheap and crappy nylon things. They are made from machine grade acetyl.
And NO ONE comes close to our price !

Shrooms now available in satin finish!
£21 including postage within the UK, $43.17 USD including postage worldwide

Wanna sharpen up the steering ?
With the simple addition of a spacer on the top of the rear damper, you will find your bike turns in quicker and tracks in a more precise manner. Ride height spacers are supplied in 6mm sections ( we recomend only ONE ! ). They are made from alluminium and slotted for easy fitting. Spacers cost £6.00 Postage Rate 1

Also available solely from JAWS are the plugs used to tidy up the Blackbird frame.
These fit in the swing arm mounting holes, and the rear engine bolt holes.
There are three types available:

The brand new BLACK ANODISED Aluminium version.
These are £36.80 per set of four, including postage within the UK
or $76.38 US including postage world wide

Polished Aluminium version.
These are £31.90 per set of four, including postage within the UK
or $65.38 US including postage world wide

The black 'Originals' are £22 per set of four.
Including postage within the UK, or $42.38 US including postage world wide

New to Jaws
We strongly recommend Melboy seats !

These replacement seats are of the highest quality and offer far better value
for money than any other leading seat manufacturer in the world
After reading dozens of feedback postings on various forums, we decided we HAD to take this product on board

For full details of the entire range, including the all new GeLastic seat pads click here

Please note: It is our policy to always try and use recycled packaging and boxes.
We do this to minimise the cost to you, the customer.

We STRONGLY recomend you take out the extra insurance available if your order is of a value greater than 28 GBP. Remember, if an item is lost in transit it is for you the buyer to claim.We unfortunately cannot.
Click here to ask about carraige insurance

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