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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged you will loose out as there is nothing we will be able to do to help
Click here to buy shipping insurance

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Bar Ends Bar risers and
Brake braided line kits Brake delinking kits Brake disks Brake pads Capless EFI tail bulbs Chain Oiler Clear indicators
Clear tail lights clutch braided lines Disks ( wavy ) Exhaust cans Footpeg lowering kits Frame plugs Headlight bulbs
Heated grips Illumiglo faces Indicator hole tidys LED bulbs Levers Licence plate lite Master cyl. covers Mini Indicators Mirror arm ext.
Seats Shrooms Spacers Throttle cables Throttle lock/Cruise controls Tyre Valve caps

The clear lenses below are road legal for the UK.
They are NOT cheap knock offs as found on some other sites
They are GENUINE Clear Alternative

Bring the back end of your bike bang up to date with a super cool crystal clear tail light lens
Absolute sex on a stick !
Carb version at 34.99

or for the Injected models at 64.00 ( Injected version is a complete light assembly ).
These lenses are now also available with LED lights built in !
Carb version at 49.99

or for the Injected models at 79.50 ( Injected version is a complete light assembly ).
(Postage rate 2 for carb type and 5 for any EFI type)

************       All Clear Alternative lens's are supplied with bulbs where needed       ************
Cool as a cool thing on a cool day !
Stunning XX Tail lights !

Originally developed by Blackbird Spares for the show bike
They are now available to everyone.

All the LEDs that make up the XX doubles in brightness to work as the brake light as well
A white LED at the Bottom to Illuminate the No Plate so this unit if Fully Legal in the UK
And check this out !
Even in broad daylight the XX can be seen clearly!
Why not REALLY stand out from the crowd for just 105.00 ( Postage rate 5 )

Please Note: These are only available for the fuel injected models. They can be fitted to the carb model but require you to fit the black battery/toolkit tray from an injected bike

************       All Clear Alternative lens's are supplied with bulbs where needed       ************
As UK agents for
Clear alternative lenses !

Fronts 54.00 inc post in the UK

And now, to suit the
bikes that are red or black,
smoked fronts, and still at
54.00 inc post in the UK

And for the rear ( These are direct replacements for the older models too ! )
complete replacement turn signal units at just 19.00 a pair !

( ( postage rate 4)

Silver coated bulbs are used behind the clear lenses to bring out the full effect of the lens Price ... 13.50 per pair
( ( postage rate 1) )

LED Cluster bulbs (push fit) are used in the late 1998-2005 tail light, these are clear but they illuminate in red. They also light faster than a standard bulb and have a working life of around 100,000 hours, so at 16 per pair they can save you money in the long run ( as well as your life maybe ! )
( postage rate 1)


And of course the same is available for the carb type rear lights.
These can either be used in conjuction with the clear rear lens or just to massively increase your visability !

A method of tidying up those horrible holes left when you fit aftermarket indicators.
6.60 ( postage rate 1)

Plus of course, we have in stock all sorts of other great mini-indicators, ranging from as little as 7.00 to a whopping 39.95 for ones hewn from a billet of aluminium and fitted with LED's
These are LED type arrows at 24.99 ( postage rate 3)

LED indicators work to a lower wattage than standard bulb-type indicators.
It will be necessary therefore to replace the existing relay with a specially designed LED relay with the correct wattage.
10.90 inc postage in the UK, $23.90 inc world wide shipping
LED relay


And any of this type are just 9.00 plus postage
( rate 4 )

Talking of lights, we also stock a range of mini indicators.. Just check out these super sexy mini Cats Eye, with short stem, carbon look body and iridium lenses.. The ones shown are only 13.50 ( RRP 14.95 )

Other are as little as 9.00 a set !( Postage rate 4 )
We also keep the standard EFI capless stop / tail lamps in stock at 2.50 each
( postage rate 1)

Replacement Number Plate Light Pod
Worried about a missing number plate light ?
here is a simple and elegant solution.
An LED strip that is easy to fit and can be wired straight to the tail light.

At only 9.46 this is a new solution to an age old problem !

Postage rate 4
Strip is approx 5cm long

Reverse type

reverse type
By day one colour, by night another!                                          
                            They're the latest bit of kit from the tech heads !

These are not like a luminous watch, all the informational digits on the faces illuminate electronically.
No need for dash lights and they even come with a dimmer switch too!
Supplied as an easy to fit complete kit - no need to remove your needles or touch the existing clock face underneath.
Our Price ... 59.55 for the carb or older EFI bikes, and just 43.99 for bikes with the digital dash
( We also do a fitting service which is 27.00 ) ( postage rate 3)
Illumiglo Clocks are now available for all models including digital dash models and KM/H clocks.
Please send us a seperate mail by clicking here indicating you want KPH version

   EFI type       
  Carb type  
Digi dash type
      sexy or what !      
Standard type

standard type

Heavy Stainless steel cruise control that is fitted in seconds !

These are a direct replacement for the standard bar end
( though in stainless steel rather than black )
Simply undo the standard bar end and fit the new !
They do not 'lock' the throttle, merely allow you to add friction
so the throttle will not simply close if you let it go.

You can still open and shut the throttle as normal without any difficulty.
being heavier than standard they also help kill vibration !!
30.75 . .. . Postage rate 4
Supplied with full instructions just in case !
Now available !

Universal Cruise Control.
Now with a simple thumb press you can lock
the throttle to give your right wrist a rest !

Easily fitted ( approx 15 minutes )
and fully adjustable
Fits all twin throttle cable

bikes with 7/8th bars
33.45 (postage 4)


Also available, single stainless steel bar end weight to match the stainless steel throttle lock.
12.85 plus postage rate 4

The very BEST replacement bar ends.
Anodised Alloy at 16 a pair

( postage rate 2 )

See how much bigger over the
standard bar end the new ones are !

!!!! NEW !!!
Extra heavy anti-vibration stainless steel bar ends
These bar ends are nearly twice the weight of the standard option and damp vibes down very well indeed
24.60 a pair (postage rate 4)                            

And of course
we still have the original
Standard stainless steel

20.59 a pair
(postage rate 4)

The brand new mirror arm extenders. Less than 50% the weight of the original version and made of high impact medical grade acetyl plastic.
No more 'only bloody elbows' in the mirrors.. See what is behind you and save ypur licence or your life
Competatively priced at just 34.80 ( postage rate 4 ) they are supplied with full instructions and stainless steel bolts.

Excellent Colour enhanced levers

No matter if you have had a minor 'off' or simply want to dress your bars with cool levers, these Moto Levers are so low priced at 18.70 a set you could buy different colours for different days !
Presently available in electric blue, royal red, stock ally, purple or carbon fibre look.
( postage rate 3)

And finally, after months of waiting, we now have BLACK levers available
The black lever are done in 'black chrome' and are 22.99 a pair ( postage rate 4 )

Classic Billet Alluminium Bar Risers
( all versions are very easy to fit and are supplied with full instruction )

Back ache ? Wrist ache ?
Then these could well be what you need.
A very quick to fit and reasonable to buy set of bar risers.
They can be fitted in under 10 minutes, will raise the bars by 28mm, with no need to change your existing brake pipes or cables.
Our Price ... 83.00 per set ( postage rate 6)

Standard inc UK shipping
Standard inc WW shipping


Now available.. Two new options for you.
After months of research we can now supply the latest front suspension upgrade, the brand new PRELOAD ADJUSTERS.
Available as a direct replacement for your existing fork leg caps
or as bar risers with the PRELOAD ADJUSTERS built in !

Normal height preload fork caps are 84.90 per set
( postage rate 5 )

Bar risers with built in preload are 122.25 per set
( postage rate 6 )

Jaws Straight Bar Conversion Kits

Many thanks to everyone for your patience, and special thanks to Ian Robinson who did the fitting instructions for us ( in his own inimitable style ! )

The straight bar conversion kit comprises of three major components.

The converter brackets ( machined so absolutely NO mods required to the bike, allowing a return to standard without issue )

The bars, and the bar ends.

As you can see, using the new conversion brackets we developed, the new bars fit easily and clear the screen etc without issue

All that is needed to fit the kit are a few basic tools and an electric drill

The instructions suplied ( by email as they are so comprehensive ) cover all the aspects of the job

The complete kit is currently 149.95 as a limited introductory offer ( postage rate 10 )

Standard inc UK shipping
Standard inc WW shipping


We now keep in stock both standard length replacement throttle cables for all models and
also extra long cables allowing you to fit extremely high bar options

These are top quality replacement cables made in the UK to our specification.
Standard lengths are 28.50 per pair, 60mm over size 30.50 per pair ( plus postage rate 5

Choose model and choose either standard length or 60mm over length cables.

STANDARD LENGTH CABLES                             60mm OVER LENGTH CABLES

And to match the longer throttle cables and save effort with the other lines, the following are now also available

Extra long ( 60mm ) clutch line 32.50 plus postage at rate 4

Standard inc UK shipping
Standard inc WW shipping

See delink kits and full brake line kits for the same options.

Braided Lines and delink Kits


And to compliment the Bar Risers and help further in the comfort stakes, we now have kits to allow you to lower the riders footpegs.
Made from the same alluminium as aircraft frames and with all the steel parts supplied in stainless steel ( yes, even the split pins ! ),
these peg lowerers are top notch quality and a real bargain at just 37.20 ( Postage rate 3

All our kits are supplied with full, easy to follow instructions where needed


Well it took a while but we now have the pillion peg lowering kits available!
Once again made from the same alluminium as aircraft frames and with all the steel parts supplied in stainless steel,
these pillion peg lowerers will compliment the bike rather than detract from it, and help your pillion to relax and be comfortable on longer journeys.
They are 38.90 for the kit, plus postage at postage rate 5

Pictures will be posted as soon as possible

All our kits are supplied with full, easy to follow instructions where needed

      !! WARNING !!       

Laser Cut to Perfection
Just take a look at these way cool master cylinder covers in stainless steel
The design is precision laser cut into the steel to make every single one perfect
Available in two designs, one with the CBR logo and the other with the full Blackbird logo cut in
You can have one of each type on each side !
16.50 each (postage rate 3)

And now, to match the OEM parts of your bike
Clutch and brake master cylinder caps
New !!
Brand new to us, these are machined from a high quality ally

19.00 per side
( postage 2)

Winter is always just around the corner in the northern hemisphere ( getting all technical now ! ) so many of you will be looking to keep your hands warm and toasty.
( Postage rate 5 ) At just 38.35 why suffer the misery of cold hands when you do not have to !

offer is plus postage
Or better still and for about the same money, why not keep the hands warm with adjustable heated grips.
Infinately variable high quality kit that matches OEM Honda stuff
42.35 !

( postage rate 5 )


High quality BikeTek Digital Heated Handle Bar Grips
25mm right grip, 22mm left grip with bar end plugs
Multi Heat Setting, Control Box with handle bar mount
Full Fitting instructions supplied
Come with 12 months manufactures warranty
At just 42.35 these represent a true winter bargain !

                      ( postage rate 5 )

Stoppers !

For real stopping power we recomend the
EBC HH Sintered pads. 23.80 a pair !
( normal retail 26.50 per pair ) ( postage rate 4 a pair)

Click here for a pair of pads

Or click one of the links below for a full bike set ( 3 pairs )

Braided Brake Lines


Now available !
A great easy to fit brake line delinking kit at just 104.90
The kit comes with all stainless steel fittings, full instructions,
a new billet ally bracket to allow complete removal of the secondary master cylinder.
The kits fit all models.
You will be amzed at the weight saving you will make when you get rid of all the linked braking junk !!

( postage rate 7 )
And for those with bar risers or a straight bar conversion the the above kit is available with an extra 60mm length to the front brake lines

Extra long ( 60mm ) delink kit 114.90 plus postage at rate 7

Standard inc UK shipping
Standard inc WW shipping

See clutch line kits for the same options.

Clutch lines

Click here for brake bleeding kits to make life a little easier !

The Honda CBS Linked Braking System Kit
as supplied by HEL Performance

>Complete Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit Including :
>Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose
>Stainless Steel Fittings
>Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts
>Copper Washers
>Lifetime Warranty
>Manufactured For the CBS System - replaces all lines
>Includes 4 Stainless Elbow Take Offs To Connect To Metal Pipe Work On Bike
>Includes 1 Stainless Steel Tee Piece To Connect To Metal Pipe Work On Bike
>Choice Of PVC Coloured Protective Cover ( plain in stock, colours to order * )
>All for 236.00 plus postage ( postage rate 8

If you require non standard lengths or colours just drop us a line ( jawsmotorcycles@outlook.com )


And for those with bar risers or a straight bar conversion the the above kit is available with an extra 60mm length to the brake lines

Extra long ( 60mm ) complete HEL brake line kit 245.00 plus postage at rate 8

Standard inc UK shipping
Standard inc WW shipping

See clutch line kits for the same options.

Braided Clutch Lines

Cick here for brake bleeding kits to make life a little easier !

And to complement the braided brake lines,
we also have braided clutch cables available at 27.50
( postage rate 4 )

Fits ALL models

And For Both the Carb and all EFI Models
the amazing ARMSTRONG competition
Wavy Disks
These disks are fantastic value.. We have carried them and sold them for some time now and the feedback has meant we have decided to keep them on board..

A pair of fronts Armstrong are just 294.00 plus post ( postage rate 10 in the UK, mail us for out side the UK ), or 82.00 for the rears (postage rate 9

Deal price for full set is 364.00 including postage
( offer price is within the UK only .. sorry. Full set outside UK is 384.00

front disks only
rear disk only
full set of disks

front disks only
rear disk only
full set of disks

     New to Jaws, we can now supply the complete range of
'Scorpian' exhausts.
stainless, carbon, titanium..both plain AND coloured in oval or round.
Click here for the full range and price list.

All cans cost per pair 10.50 carriage within the UK, for carriage costs outside the UK, please Email us. ( Click here to e-mail Post room )

Need any more be said ?
ScottOiler are the market leaders in automated chain lubrication technology.

!!** NOW IN STOCK **!!
the brand new
VSYSTEM management OILER

The standard Vsystem kit is just 92.20

( postage rate 7)
We supply spares and accessories such as twin feed delivery tubes, and the great Lube Tube to increase the capacity of a standard kit..
Click here to see the range of options Scottoiler can offer you
Oh, and Blackbird owners, if you would like a FULL and comprehensive installation breakdown,
just click here !

Replacement Headlights

And the direct replacement motorcycle specific 100 watt clear lamp.
This lamp gives a VERY bright light !
Priced at a market busting 9.90
( Postage rate 4 )

Valve Caps a plenty !
Available in two designs and four colours
all at just 3.90 a pair including UK postage
( Postage rate 1)



Most of us are concerned our tyres are the correct pressure, yet checking them can be a chore and is often put off.
New lighter, shorter Easy Control valve caps. These address the concerns raised by the old longer, weighty caps.

Not a gimmick, but a worthwhile addition to any bike.
Simply look at the cap. check the colour, if its in the green then your ok !
At just 7.25 per pair they have gotta be worth while !

( Postage rate 2 )

Products only available from JAWS

Crash Shrooms

Back for sale because of so many request
The alluminium custom shrooms
Due to popular demand I have decided to once again stock these custom shrooms !
They are supplied with the same cushion spacer made from machine grade acetyl and stainless steel fixings as our conventional shrooms
so quality is continued through this line

33.75 including postage within the UK, $59.99 US including postage worldwide

Some have copied our products ( in one case poorly ! ) but our crash 'Shrooms' are of our own long standing design and high quality.
Please note. Our Shrooms are NOT cheap and crappy nylon things. They are made from machine grade acetyl.
And NO ONE comes close to our price !

Shrooms now in satin finish!
23 including postage within the UK, $39.75 US including postage worldwide

We also supply the spacers that fit on the top of the shock to raise the rear up which improves turn in.
Ride height spacers are supplied in 6mm sections ( we recomend only ONE ! ). They are made from alluminium and slotted for easy fitting.
6mm Spacers cost 6.00
( Postage rate 1 )

Other thicknesses are available at 2.00 extra but are not slotted and are not ally

Also available solely from JAWS are the plugs used to tidy up the Blackbird frame.
These fit in the swing arm mounting holes, and the rear engine bolt holes.
There are three types available:

The brand new BLACK ANODISED Aluminium version.
These are 38.80 per set of four, including postage within the UK
or $63.45 US including postage world wide

Polished Aluminium version.
These are 33.90 per set of four, including postage within the UK
or $56.10 US including postage world wide

The black 'Originals' are 24 per set of four.
Including postage within the UK, or $41.25 US including postage world wide

Melboy seats

These replacement seats are of the highest quality and offer far better value than a certain American type
After reading dozens of feedback postings on various forums, we decided we HAD to promote this product range
We do not sell the seats or even make so much as a penny out of advertising them, we just think they are a great
product and worthy of inclusion on here..

For full details of the entire range, including the all new GeLastic seat pads click here and it will take you to Melboys web site

In the workshop
Click here for all sorts of essential
workshop and servicing kit !

Please note: It is our policy to always try and use recycled packaging and boxes.
We do this to minimise the cost to you, the customer.

We STRONGLY recomend you take out the extra insurance available if your order is of a value greater than 28 GBP. Remember, if an item is lost in transit it is for you the buyer to claim.We unfortunately cannot.
Click here to ask about carraige insurance

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