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Micro Fibre Cleaning cloths
This may seem like nothing more that an expensive cleaning rag, but please, take the time to read the following information.

( Please be warned ! I have seen so called 'MicroFibre' cloths in supermarkets.
They are NOT the same thing, but a cheap imitation and their performance is VERY poor ) 

To be honest I do not know where to begin.
When I first heard of these and what they did, I was sceptical to say the least. A visitor from America brought some with him to try...................... I can honestly say I was amazed at how they work !

He offered to clean an old motorcycle for me.. I started getting the bucket, cleaner and other stuff ready, but he said none of that would be needed... ( Yer right, I thought ! ).

He just sprayed cold water over the bike, and proceeded to remove every last dead fly and bit of grime from the thing without so much as a drop of soap of any kind....

Ok, so I was kinda impressed... We then went in to the kitchen where he proceeded to clean all the work surfaces and stainless steel. By now my wife was taking an interest ...

She decided to give the cloth a very severe test, and smeared cooking fat ( straight from the frying pan ) on to a window.
Not only did the cloth remove every trace of the fat, but it left the window completely smear free !
Now I know this sounds like a load of rubbish and just advertising, but it is true.

Over the following days I was treated to further demonstrations of the cloths, from cleaning ( and polishing ) cut glass drinks glasses, to removing bugs from the front of my bike, visor, car  windshield and countless other odds and ends.

No matter what job was tackled the result was always the same, a sparkling smear free finish.
Oh, and no matter what surface was cleaned, the cloth never once left a single scratch or any lint behind.

The picture is a close up I took of the cloth.
It is made from a material similar to Terry Toweling (TM)
but is covered in tiny loops.
The loops actively work to collect grime, oil or debris with as little effort as is possible. They just seem to grab on to the dirt and hold it in place on the cloth.
In a blow for blow test, they are better than a chamois for absorbing liquids. They hold over 9 times their weight in moisture.

The cloths come in two types. The standard and waffle weave. The waffle weave is slightly more 'heavy duty', and is perfect for those really hard to do jobs, such as getting the exhaust soot from the end of your 'cans', whilst the standard can be used for everything from cleaning your visor to wiping the floor after the kids have had a food fight. Both types come in either blue or gold or green)

There are two versions available. The polishing cloths at 2.99 each, and the waffle weave for those hard to clean bits at 3.99. Whilst not cheap, they last and last and do the same job as a whole host of cleaning products.
A couple of these will do ALL your household chores plus keep your bike or car clean for ages !
Postage rate 1 per cloth

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