Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 2001-2007 EFI Electrex World MOSFET RR882 Regulator/Rectifier


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Manufactured in UK with UK warranty.



NOTE: For some models opposite block must be changed. The connection system is different from the original and has been redesigned to bypass bad connections and wiring.

Brand new custom made design featuring 1000mm lead – suitable for models with regulator rectifiers mounted away from the battery.

  • Super efficient ‘MOSFET’ regulator rectifier.
  • Complete with mounting plate to position reg/rec and help with heat sync.
  • Direct fused connection to the battery to avoid common connection faults in the wiring loom, caused by salt/water and atmospheric pollution etc.
  • Works where airlow is limited.
  • In-built thermal protection.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

NOTE: If you require a shorter lead please refer to RR881 – see related products below.

Hi-power Series Regulator Rectifier RR881, RR882, RR690 FITTING INSTRUCTIONS Fitment must be only carried out by trained technicians or competent persons. Super efficient ‘MOSFET’ regulator rectifier. Direct fused connection to the battery to avoid common connection faults in the wiring loom, caused by salt, water and atmospheric pollution etc. Supplied fitted with a heavy duty connector for the alternator input, this is a direct fitment for many Honda models but for others the opposite connector and terminals supplied must be carefully fitted.Fitting the replacement terminals and connector block to the alternator output.

Step 1 Remove the original connector block from the alternator harness by cutting off the 3 cables.

Step 2 Strip the insulation off the cable ends at a distance of about 6mm. Inspect stripped cables carefully, they must be bright and clean, if not use fine emery paper to clean the wire.

Step 3 Crimp on terminals. It is recommended to also solder the connector but this can sometimes be tricky if the copper wire is not clean.Example of Crimping tool required for uninsulated terminal connecting

Step 4 Unclip the sliding locking tab on the connector with a small screwdriver, only lift it out about 2mm.

Step 5 Insert terminals. Note:they only go in one way round, if they cannot be in-serted try moving the locking tab in or out.

Step 6 Fit the new regulator/rectifier to the bike. Connect the red cable with the ring terminal to the posi-tive terminal on the battery and either the green or black cables (depending on the model) to the negative terminal. Plug in the white connector to the alternator.

Our regulator/rectifiers MUST NOT be used with Lithium-ion batteries
CLICK HERE for important information regarding battery types to use with our Regulator Rectifiers.
Wire colours: 3 x yellow | 1 x red | 1 x black – (upto 1000mm lead)


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