Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 20amp Fuse (Pack Of x4) (Copy)



Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 20amp Fuse (Pack of 4)
Motorcycle Fuses

Motorcycle fuses protect electrical circuits from damage caused by overloads and surges in faulty wires and components. In theory the fuse should fail and melt well before any damage occurs. Fuses by nature often suffer failure due to age, vibration, and corrosion. It also must be noted that damage can result if a fuse is repeatedly changed rather than a fault repaired. There are many types of fuse which come rated by amp to suit the components in different circuits. Three types are commonly used on motorcycles.

Fuse Identification
  • Glass Tube Come in 2 sizes – 25mm and 30mm long. The amp rating is stamped on the metal end plate or printed on an internal card. Commonly used until the 80s.
  • Continental Fuses These small ceramic bullets have a external metal fuse. They are commonly found on 70s and 80s European models. The amp rating is colour coded:
    • 5 Amp: Yellow
    • 8 Amp: White
    • 16 Amp: Red
    • 25 Amp: Blue
  • Blade Fuses These are also known as ATC, ATM, or ATO fuses and come in standard, mini and maxi varieties. The standard and mini are what can be found on most modern motorcycles.


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