Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Front Linear Spring & Spacers Plus Oil & Seals Upgrade Kit



Cure that front end sag on your Bird (and other bikes)and at the same time upgrade the whole front end.

A kit comprising of a pair of springs that are 100mm over length, and a new set of spacers that are 100mm under length, Motul 10W Fork Oil 1L and a pair of Nikon fork seals.

Replace your progressive springs for jaws linear springs and stiffen up the from end of your blackbird

Fork Spring Kit Fitting Instructions

Get a jack under the belly of the bike.

Undo the fork top caps.

Undo the damper rod (14mm nut) from the top cap.

Do both sides

Get mate to lift up the wheel and it will push up the whole of the insides of the legs.

Reach in with a digit and pull out the spacer.

Using a bit of bent wire (coat hanger?) reach in and pull up the big washer on top of the spring.

Again, with the hook reach in and pull up and out the spring SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, else you will cover the bike and yourself in fork oil!

Once all out, keep the legs fully compressed, drop the new springs in, and top up the oil to the correct level (154mm to the top of the tube for carbs bikes and 142mm for the EFI types)

I use a tube with a cable tie round it at the specified level.

Put the tube into the fork leg and suck! When it gets to the right level you start sucking air ūüôā

Once that is done, drop the washer and the new spacer in, and refit the top cap to the damper rod. Refit top cap to tube and job done.

With oil change:

As above but before you do anything else.

Get a jack under the belly of the bike so you can get the front wheel out.

Look up inside the fork leg bottoms and you will see a cap head bolt.

With a drip tray underneath, undo the bolts.

Undo the top caps and pull! that will pull the whole of the damper assembly up… And the oil should come out the bottom.

At this point you might as well pull the damper right out and give it a good clean.

Once all the oil has drained out refit the damper and put the bolt in the bottom. You may find it worth while putting the old springs and spacers back in and screwing the top cap back down to help tighten the bolt in the bottom of the leg.

When you top the oil back up (as described above pump)

Then continue as above to complete the rebuild.

Air gap 142mm, springs IN legs fully collapsed


Whilst this mod has been done by people world wide many people (probably well in the thousands now ) over the past 5 years or so, for obvious reasons I nor any other member of Jaws Motorcycles can be held responsible for any outcome or issues resulting from the modification. If you modify your bike in ANY way
our official line is that you do not ride it, merely use it for show.


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