Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 H7 Twenty20 Impact LED 12V 477 Headlight Bulb



Twenty20 LED Headlights

It’s finally here! For as long as we’ve had a telephone, the question has always been can I put LEDS in my headlights? The answer is now finally yes! Yes you can.


When the first LED headlight bulbs hit the market we were excited. But then, once tested we were disappointed. As the years went on the outrageous claims of the LED bulbs grew bigger and bigger. Despite the claims, all they produced was a useless blob of light that let you see nothing far ahead.

A Safe, Useful Beam Pattern

With the Twenty20 LED’s taking the lessons learned over the years, they become some of the first LED headlight bulbs to produce a useable beam pattern. Your cars’ dipped beam headlights are designed to shine the light as far as possible without glaring other drivers. This is accurately recreated and improved on with the Twenty20 LEDs. Shining brighter, further & whiter without disturbing other traffic.


The Speed of Light

One of LED’s most surprising attributes is the speed in which it activates. Going from no light to full intensity faster than you can blink. This is great when switching between Dipped and High Beam, giving you a shorter period of time in which the light pattern is changing.


Almost anyone can recall the benefits of LEDs but it’s finally time for them to be in your car. Get a set of headlights that will make your car feel like new. Brighter, Whiter, Faster & Longer Lasting.

Bulb Fitment H7
Technology LED
Voltage 12V
Application Headlight
Approx Light Output Increase +200%
Wattage ~20W
Warranty 3 Years
Approx Bulb Life (hours)
Approx Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 6000K
E Marked/Road Legal No
Other Details
Colour Output


Additional information


Single, Pair


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