Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Headlight Bulb



OSRAM Ultra Life

  • Holds up to four times longer than a conventional lamp
  • Unique reliability
  • Accepted throughout Europe, for all vehicle types
  • Applications: license plate and side position lights, interior lighting and reading light, rear, brake and fog lights

OSRAM ULTRA LIFE – now with 4 years warranty

A nuisance for motorists: In the middle of the night one of the headlight bulbs suddenly fails. Quick replacement must be worried and installed, because a defective lamp is a high security risk. Especially drivers who travel a lot at night or even during the day

want to give up the safety of the low beam, know this situation. Due to the constant use the lamps in their vehicles are more frequent than usual.

The solution is ULTRA LIFE lamps, which shine up to three times as long as conventional car lamps. For ULTRA LIFE headlamps in non-commercial use, OSRAM is the first manufacturer to offer a three-year warranty (exact conditions) Even owners of vehicles whose headlights and lamps are difficult to access save effort and expense with the new ULTRA LIFE long-lasting burners. And the environment also benefits from these advantages: Rare lamp changes mean

less waste. The ULTRA LIFE also scores points in the design. For lamp types with cover cap, this is silver and fuses optically with the reflectors of the headlights. This ensures especially for clear glass headlights for a corresponding

High quality impression. The long-life auxiliary light lamps ULTRA LIFE complete the assortment.


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