Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Pirelli Angel GT2 Sport Touring Tyres Front & Rear



Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Pirelli Angel GT2 Sport Touring Tyres Front & Rear

Pirelli Angel GT2 – 120/70 17 (58W)

Pirelli Angel GT2 – 180/55 17 (73W)

The Pirelli Angel GT II Motorcycle Tyre has been released 10 years after the original Angel GT following extensive research and development. They Tyre builds on the strengths of the original, with outstanding wear characteristics, dry and wet weather grip and exceptional handling for the rider.

  • Premium sport touring tyre building on the main features of the original Angel GT
  • Fantastic handling capabilities in line with the Pirelli DNA used throughout the range
  • Exceptional wear characteristics for longer lasting performance
  • Outstanding wet grip thanks to a new innovative tread design coming from the Diablo racing tyres
  • A tyre designed to work in conjunction with modern day motorcycle electronic aids for optimum performance

The Pirelli Angel GT II Motorcycle Tyre is the product of extensive development from the original, with a stand out feature being the standardised distribution of the contact patch which leads to even wear and a more progressive response through the bars that enhances the ease of handling and encourages a safer feeling when riding.

The Tyres also feature a multi-radius design with a very notable centre radius that promotes extended mileage thanks to even stress distribution. The design also features a twin-centre longitudinal groove configuration that promotes stability, good water evacuation and grip on low friction surfaces. On the outer side of the tyre, the outer grooves are angled to maximise grip and water evacuation when the bike is leaned over.

Pirelli have not stood still with this Tyre, as it has been designed to work with the Modern Motorcycle. They are able to work with reasonable standard riding aids such as traction control and ABS to provide optimal performance and response. They Tyres have been made using a high-Silica compound and a new tread design which has been derived from Pirelli Diablo Wet technologies. There is also a dedicated contour in the Tyre, meaning that whatever the conditions, whatever the bike, he Angel GT II is sure you keep you rubber side down and with a big grin on your face inside your helmet!


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