Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Rear Brake Disc EBC MD1006



EBC HPSR Brake disc, rigid design. MADE IN UK.

The aim of the development is to improve the braking behavior compared to the original brake disc. EBC uses HPSR steel with a low carbon content, which has an 18% higher friction coefficient. This steel is much more resistant to rust than cast steel. In addition, the entire surface is protected by a 3 micron thick zinc layer, which is braked in the area of ​​the brake lining contact zone when braking. It is only in this area that it is easier to form rust rust with a longer service life.

The brake discs are drilled in the bird’s-swing signal to get rid of the rainwater and brake dust with as few holes as possible while simultaneously cleaning the brake disc. The fewer drill holes are installed, the better the wet braking behavior and the lower the wear.

– Brake ring made of forged HPSR steel with low carbon content.

– Therefore there is no warping of the brake disc even at the highest load.

– No glazing of the braking surface, therefore the coefficient of friction remains constant.

– Braked surface with optimized hole pattern.

– Galvanized to protect against corrosion.

– Lowest manufacturing tolerances.

– EBC recommends for best braking performance EBC Double-H sintered brake pads.

– Stand-alone design.


Technical Data:
Outer Diameter :   256 mm
Inner Diameter :   144.2 mm
PCD :   166 mm
Number of mounting bolts :   6
Bolt hole diameter :   10.5 mm
Thickness :   5 mm
Type :   Fixed
Manufacturer :   EBC



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