Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 R&G Brake Lever Guard



Part Description

Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Brake Lever Guar

Originally conceived in Moto2 but now adopted by almost every motorcycle body worldwide (ACU, MSVR, MotoAmerica) and required for racing, the ‘Lever Guard’ was developed to help avoid the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close wheel to wheel racing (either from accidental contact with another bike or even a rider) but can equally be applied to road riding, protecting your lever(s) from wing mirror strikes while filtering; again potentially causing front brake engagement.

Key Features

  • BSB approved.
  • MCRCB approved.
  • Fits the brake lever side.
  • Made from DuPont™ Zytel®
  • Supplied with all required hardware for the bespoke and racing bar applications.

This R&G Brake Lever Guard kit has been specifically designed for Honda CBR125R ’11-, CBR250R ’11-, CBR300R, CBF500F ’04-’12, CBR500R ’13-’18, CBR500R ’19- Tapered, CBR500R ’19-, CB600 Hornet ’07-’10, CB600 Hornet ’11-, CBF 600 ’04-’07, CBF600 ’08-, CBR600F ALU ’99-’08, CBR600F ’11-, Transalp 700, CBR600RR ’07-’08, CBR600RR ’09-’12, CBR600RR ’13-,  CB650F/CBR650F ’14-’18, CB650R/CBR650R ’19- Tapered, CB650R/CBR650R ’19-, Integrada 700/750, NC700S/X / NC750S/X, VFR800I ’98-’01, VFR800 Vtec/Interceptor ’02-’13, VFR800 Vtec/Interceptor ’14-,CB900 Hornet, CBR900 FireBlade ’02-’03, CBR900 FireBlade ’92-’99, CBR1000RR (SP) FireBlade ’08-’16, CBR1000RR/SP/SP2 ’17-’19, CBR1000RR-2 / FireBlade (SP) ’20-, CB1000R ’08-’17, CB1000R/ CB1000R PLUS ’18-, CBF1000 ABS, VTR1000 FireStorm, VTR1000SP-1 (RC51), VTR1000SP-2, CBR1100XX BlackBird, CB1100 ’13-, CB1100RS’17-, CB1100 ex ’17-, VFR1200 & CB1300 models.




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