Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-07 Wired Tracker The SAT A8




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AUTO ARM/DISARM VIBRATION SENSOR with ignition key, IP65 water and dust protection Extremely low power consumption (2mA) from vehicle battery.

Our trackers are configured to be difficult to find using scanners or detectors. See VIDEO Sends a silent SMS text alarm message to you the minute your vehicle is moved. Location tracker accurate to a few metres NO CONTRACT Subscription Fee PAYG SIM required

MANY CHEAP, AND SOME EXPENSIVE TRACKERS TRANSMIT FREQUENTLY, SO CAN BE SCANNED FOR. ALL TRACKERS ARE NOT THE SAME.Our tracker transmit as little as possible so it makes it more difficult for thieves to find

Posted by Secure Auto Track on Monday, 11 May 2020

This is a premium product specifically designed for motorcycles, having a very low power requirement (only 2mA) from your motorcycle. Very few are this low! See VIDEO

This is a true GPS Satellite product (not LBS, using triangulation of cellphone masts), accuracy to < 5 metres. It is water and dust sealed to IP65, no need for bags or cases.

Installation and operating instructions are written by UK Installation Engineers, including a “Quick Start” guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer full UK after sales installation telephone assistance and ongoing support.

How it works

The unit is managed by the owner’s mobile phone. Therefore, the unit requires a working, any network except 3Mobile, full size GSM PAYG mobile phone SIM to be inserted into the device at time of installation.

In the event of your vehicle being disturbed it will text message the designated mobile phone with an alert message, giving the time and a link to the vehicle’s location on Google Maps.

See Demo VIDEO

Unlike cheaper systems, the motion sensor activates and deactivates with the motorcycle ignition, so there is NO need to keep sending the unit instructions to turn on or off.

Although it is wired into your vehicle electrics it also has an 800mAh internal backup battery system, ensuring you can still track long after the main battery is disconnected.

CHEAP TRACKERS WILL DISCHARGE YOUR MOTORCYCLE BATTERIES, ALL TRACKERS ARE NOT THE SAME.Many cheap ones will flatten your bike battery within days.But not ones from Secure

Posted by Secure Auto Track on Monday, 11 May 2020

The text message the unit sends in return to either a request for location, or to a vibration alarm, contains a link to Google maps, which shows the location of your vehicle. No apps are required as long as your phone has a web browser the system will work.

BIKERS … how many appeals do you see for sightings of STOLEN BIKES?…. This is why our customers fit a SECURE AUTOTRACK

Posted by Secure Auto Track on Tuesday, 22 October 2019

At any point the owner can message the bike to find it’s location, regardless of whether the motion sensor is on or off.

The unit also has a “bike battery” low voltage monitor. In the event your motorcycle is left for extended periods the unit will monitor your motorcycle’s battery state and warn you, by text message, if it is running low.

The unit does not have the words “GPS Tracker” written on it and is designed to blend in discretely with other electronics on the motorcycle. Installation Some knowledge of vehicle wiring is required to fit this device. Installation is 3 wires, permanent + & – and the 3rd wire to ACC (ignition live) Instructions are written in English by UK engineers, which include a Quick Start setup guide to get you going easily.

Benefits of a SecureAutoTrack Motorcycle Tracker.

We get asked “what’s the difference between the cheaper trackers and ours”?

Well …. HUGE difference,

1. Ours WON’T flatten your bike battery in 7days (ours 30-60days)

2. Ours turns the vibration sensor on/off with the IGNITION

3. Ours is set up to be LESS detectable with scanners.

4. Ours is MORE accurate (2.5-3metres typical)

5. Ours WILL still work if bike loaded into a van.

6. Ours has a 4-day internal back up battery

7. Ours will message you if your bike battery goes low

8. Ours will tell you if the power cables are disconnected

9. Ours is IP65 for water and dust (no bags needed)

10. Ours DOESN’T need a separate power supply module

11. Ours DOESN’T need external aerials.

12. We don’t publish pictures, so criminals don’t know what ours look like.

13. We are UK based so can assist if you have any install or set up issues.

14. AND we offer LIFETIME SUPPORT on all our trackers for FREE

Other than that, …. nothing!

Tools required

With the exception of a voltmeter to set up the low battery protection, the only tools required are those necessary to gain access to the vehicle battery and the area in which the tracker is to be mounted. See Online Installation VIDEO

N.B. like all GPS Trackers unit must have “line if sight” of the sky, that is through materials such as plastic, glass reinforced plastics GRP, carbon fibre, upholstery, glass etc. it cannot be shielded or encased by metal such as steel tubing, petrol tanks etc. Specification

• Motion sensor silent alarm to mobile phone

• Uses GSM network not GPRS,3G,4G for more reliable coverage.

• No ongoing contract required, requires PAYG SIM (not supplied)

• Position overlaid onto Google Maps

• Works with almost all mobile smart phones

• Can be configured to work with up to 3 mobile phones simultaneously

• Water and dust sealed IP65

• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band

• GPS+GSM+GPRS wireless network

• Built-in GSM&GPS antenna

• On demand Real-time tracking

• Standby mode current 2mA

• Adjustable built in shock sensor if vehicle is moved with ignition off

• 800mAh Built-in battery standby

• Programmable motorcycle low battery protection Compatible phones Android, iPhone, Microsoft and all other phones with a web browser and internet connectivity.

Unit Dimensions 80mm x 45mm x 16mm Approvals CE N.B. For the security of client’s vehicles and to ensure thieves do not know what the equipment looks like, the image of unit displayed in this advertisement has been modified to disguise it’s true appearance.


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