Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 97-98 SC35 CARB Electrex World MOSFET RR58 Regulator/Rectifier


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Manufactured in UK with UK warranty.


  • NOTE: The RR58 tends to run very hot, this is nothing to worry about. If the wires are getting hot then this may be caused by bad connections. Please make sure the terminals are crimped and soldered.
  • High quality, ultra reliable and very compact.
  • SCR 3 phase regulator/rectifier for permanent magnet alternators. Very robust and reliable design.
  • Regulated voltage (measured at battery) max 15.2v.
  • Original unit failure is usually caused by worn burnt connector.
  • RR58 is supplied with a new heavy duty connector block to repair old wire harness. Always solder after crimping.
  • All products shipped are fully tested.

Fitting Instructions [important read before fitting]Fitment must only be carried out by trained technicians or competent-persons.

1.Remove the original regulator connector system from the harness bycutting the cables near to the connector blocks.2.Strip the insulation off the cable ends at a distance of about 6mm. inspect the bare copper, it must be bright and clean, if not cut the cables further back and re-strip. It may also be possible to clean the bare copper ends with fine emery paper.3.Place cable into terminal

2. Using the correct type of tool as shown opposite, crimp the terminal

3. VERY IMPORTANT As the exact tool is not always available to crimp the terminal to the correct tightness, the terminal must also be soldered

4.NOTE: if the stripped cable end is not ‘clean’ it will not bepossible to solder it and the result will be a ‘dry’ joint and a poorconnection. See our YouTube video and online photos to show how toconnect your RR58 and what can happen if the connections are notcorrectly made.4.Insert the terminals into the connector block. Check the red & black are in the correct order. When the terminals are inserted the correct way up a click will be heard, a small tug on the cable will ensure the terminal is secure.

5.It is strongly recommended to apply some dielectric grease or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the block and terminals prior to fitting to RR58. This inhibits corrosion in the terminals and consequential bad connections. When the block connector is inserted into the RR58 push hard until you hear a “CLICK”.Compact heavy duty Regulator Rectifier -RR58Honda and YamahaExample of Crimping tool required for uninsulated terminalconnecting All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information storage and retrieval systems without the written permission of Electrex World Ltd. © Electrex World Ltd V1 -17/10/16Specification1.SCR 3 phase regulator/rectifier for permanent magnetalternators. Very robust and reliable design.2.Regulated voltage (measured at the battery) max 15.2vdepending on load and battery condition.3.Max current rating 40amp with optional heat spreading plate AD58

Our regulator/rectifiers MUST NOT be used with Lithium-ion batteries
CLICK HERE for important information regarding battery types to use with our Regulator Rectifiers.


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