Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX 99-07 Front Brake Disc Pair EBC MD1136-X



EBC X / XC Series – Fully floating brake discs for the front wheel

These brake discs replace many of the LS (left) / RS (right) brake discs and can be installed on both sides.

The steel used for the new EBC brake discs is a special stainless steel compound with a higher frictional effect than that of conventional heat treated stainless steel brake discs. With the 10% improvement in the friction effect, the braking force is increased even further.

The weight of the new”X” and”XC” series is reduced by a further 5-10% thanks to the 6-rivet system with a lightweight inner ring, which in turn represents an improvement over conventional brake discs

The new rotors feature EBC’s unique and patented SD system, whose square rivets in the recesses of the brake disc, under the heat generated during braking, allow for unrestricted expansion of the outer and inner rings without affecting the riveted joint

Such an impairment occurs when the brake disc is heated by strong braking and the outer ring touches the (normally round) rivets that separate the outer ring from the inner ring. The new EBC system prevents this problem, which causes 100% of the brake disc defects caused by disc distortion and vibration.

What is the SD system? It is the new square riveting system from EBC. This system completely prevents distortion of the brake disc, increases the service life of the brake disc and improves the durability of the braking effect.

Technical Data:
Outer Diameter :   310 mm
Inner Diameter :   62.2 mm
PCD :   78 mm
Number of mounting bolts :   6
Bolt hole diameter :   6.3 mm
Thickness :   5 mm
Offset :   18.35 mm
Type :   Floating
Manufacturer :   EBC



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