Renner Protective Sliders X-Pads (Crash Pads)


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The protective sliders (crash pads) protect the fairings, the engine and other outer parts of the motorcycle in case of fall and during the skid.
Renner crash pads are made of high quality plastics which are carefully chosen in order to absorb the energy of the hit and allowing safe loosing of speed. The elements are processed on CNC machines.
The crash pad set consists of two sliders made of black or white plastics, binding elements made of aluminum which is anodized to protect the surface against rust and to cover it with colour. Also all necessary screws are added.
The crash pad sets are ready to assemble to the relevant type of motorcycle. No extra elements are necessary.
The crash pad sets are constructed individually to the specific type and make of motorcycle. The length of the slider, shape of the binding elements and the lengths of the screws are adapted to the original parts of the motorbike.

Controlled Flexion Areas®

The precise durability of the crash pads’ screws and their threads secure the original threads and the frame of the motorcycle from breaking and bending. In this way the typical disadvantage of other types of crash pads is overcome. Usually older types of crash pads protected the out parts of the motorcycle but they could damage the engine block or the frame of the motorbike when the sliding machine eg. hit the kerb.


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